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logo, sabo tabby ( but the background is a trans pride flag

Sabo Tabby

What is this?

An extremely fast static file server. It offers a wide variety of customization options - from error pages to logging format packed into a single statically-linked binary.

All options can be set either from the CLI or from a sabo.tabby.yaml config file. Personally, I use it to mirror sites and content to TOR and other networks. All it takes is sabo-tabby -f ./my_folder --port $PORT.


1. sabo-tabby: 69247 requests/sec 2. warp: 68707 requests/sec 3. nginx: 49369 requests/sec 4. httpd: 28352 requests/sec 5. jester: 18059 requests/sec 6. polka: 9323 requests/sec 7. jaguar: 4765 requests/sec 8. express: 3897 requests/sec 9. sinatra: 2514 requests/sec